In 1980 a new company was born in Elche, created with great enthusiasm and effort by brothers Antonio and José Blanes and dedicated to the manufacture of footwear, with the aim of creating a new and different style of shoe for women, based on quality and comfort, and all this starting from a handicraft and homemade production.


In 2000, the new family generation formed by Antonio and Yolanda Blanes takes over the project, giving a fresh, young and modern air to the product, in line with new trends and needs of women.
In 2010 begins a new era with the launch of an innovative line centered on a genuine and inspiring brand: FOLIE'S, which assembles in every product, quality, comfort and fashion, and takes care of all the processes of creation, thanks to the union and the contribution of the whole equipment that forms FOLIE'S, key piece in the development and production of all articles.
Nowadays, the brand FOLIE'S is present in the best showcases of France, place where it began this adventure, but quickly grows towards new European markets.



Because we are passionate about what we do.

FOLIE’S, “Made with passion in Spain”